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Welcome From Principal


I am sure most of us, especially parents with school going children, realize that unless our children receive quality education they will be at a grave disadvantage when facing a fiercely competitive knowledge and skills driven global economy. We are already witnessing this reality being played out with the number of unemployed youths rising each year. These times also present tremendous opportunities but only if our children have been prepared to take advantage of these opportunities.


It is with this in mind that the Founding Members established MPS as a “model school” to bring quality education within the reach of working families and to prepare their children to engage with the global world as responsible and capable citizens.


MPS will consistently endeavor to define what is “quality education” by laying down the standards,

and being an “exemplar” school through progressive education principles and methodology of teaching and learning.



Wendy Pulger


Our Vision


MPS will be one of the most respected and regarded education leaders in the region providing progressive education from

K-12.  We will be at the leading edge of educational thought and practice and will deliver quality education in a

financially sustainable way. We will honor the rich cultural and environmental milieu in which we live and will uphold the

highest standards of ethical behavior and good governance.




Our Mission


The mission of MPS is to provide the kind of education that will prepare our children for the challenges of a

competitive global economy as confident, capable and principled young men and women who are able to live fulfilling and

rewarding lives. We will do this by creating and sustaining an enabling environment that will foster and nurture a diverse

community of inspired life long learners who are unafraid to pursue their dreams. We will be guided in all our thoughts and actions by our belief that “every child can learn”.


Our Students MPS students will be creative and critical thinkers with a capacity for compassion and deep self reflection. They will make reasoned choices guided by an unyielding sense of integrity, courage and purpose in life. They will hold high expectations of themselves, be able to collaborate and work as a team, nurture relationships and resolve conflicts through dialogue.Our students will live each day to its full measure, wonder at the mysteries of the universe rejoice in each others success and take life’s disappointments in their stride. They will appreciate the value and dignity of honest work and live within their means and needs in an environmentally sustainable way



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Manjusri Public School,

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