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Field trip to Sikkim Supreme and Laal Bazaar

School | 20 March 2023

On 20th of March, 2023 the students of VIII Grade went for a field trip to Sikkim Supreme Factory. They also did a quick survey of the Singtam Laal Bazaar. The trip was a fruitful one as the students were informed about various mechanisms and procedures in the Sikkim Supreme factory by the Supervisor, Mr. Aditya Dhakal. They further gathered information on the different products being produced and their manufacturing process. The Singtam Laal Bazaar survey was fun and informative for the students as they learned a great deal about the various vegetables being sold; such as their market rates, farming techniques, and their export potential.

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Field Trip to Handicraft and Heirloom Department & Namgyal Institute of Tibetology

School | 18 March 2023

Grade VII went on a field trip to the Gangtok and visited the Handicraft and Heirloom Department & Namgyal Institute of Tibetology. The purpose of the trip was to ensure that the students become familiar with the local culture and traditions of Sikkim. The students not only explored the traditional arts and crafts of the state but also an insight into how the production of traditional handicrafts helps the state economy, by increasing employment. The students also had an opportunity to study and view the history of Sikkim. It was an enriching visit for the students and a hands-on learning about the working of the handicraft industry in the state.

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Fieldtrip Grade X: Rainbow trout farming

School | 17 May 2023

Rainbow trout farming is leading the market in Sikkim and in India. Sikkim secured 3rd position in 'trout production' contributing 14% to the total production in 2015-16. To explore the same, students of Grade X visited the private farm of Mr Dal Bahadur Gurung. The farm was located in a small village called 'Sribadam' in West Sikkim. Mr Gurung addressed the students on the various processes involved in trout farming including the hatching process of rainbow trouts. The interactive session was interesting and left an impression on the students. The visit truly was "educational" for everyone and also promoted the policy 'Vocal for Local' which benefits the local economy.

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Fieldtrip Grade XII: Sicence City, Kalimpong

School | 17 May 2023

The students of Grade XII went for an education field trip to Kalimpong on 17 th May 2023. They visited the Science Center. The students explored the digital gallery, activity corners, and had fun with the magic mirrors. The visit to the Science Center provided them an opportunity to connect theoretical knowledge with its practical implications. The students also enjoyed 3D movies on Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures in the theatre. After completing the visit to the Science Center, the students went to the famous ‘Deolo Hill’, the highest point in the town which provides a panoramic view of Kalimpong town. The trip was enriching, insightful and indeed a memorable one for the students.

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The Investiture Ceremony

School | 17 March 2023

The investiture ceremony, one of the most important and awaited event for the year was held at Manjusri public school on 17th March 2023. On this day, the new members of the elected student council were announced and given responsibility for the school and its houses. Animesh Thapa was elected as the President of the school, with the Vice President as Ayushiriya. The Centaur house captain and vice captain are Ayush Losang(Captain) and Subeksha Subba (Vice Captain)respectively. The Hippogriff house captain are Deependra Chettri(Captain) and Deepshika Mangar(Vice Captain).The Basilisk house captain are Sangnuma Rai (Captain) and Gunjal Rai(Vice Captain). The Phoenix house captain are Sneha Pradhan(Captain) and Chewang Tamang(Vice Captain). The oath taking took place on the same day when the captains were chosen .The captains now carry the responsibilities in their hands to lead the school together and bring about a brighter future full of prosperity.

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The Fire and Emergency Service Workshop

School | 13 May 2023

On the 13th of May, 2023, 'The Fire and Emergency Service' team from Rabongla, Namchi District led by OC Mr Gensapa conducted an awareness program on fire safety on campus. They informed the School about different types of fires and methods to extinguish them. They further demonstrated how easily one can control LPG fire with just a wet jute sack or cloth. The team also demonstrated how to make an improvised stretcher during an emergency. There was enthusiastic participation from the Students and the Staff. The program was very informative and helpful.

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School Topper, 2022 - 2023

School | 12 May 2023


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The D.E.A.R Day

Library | 12 April 2023

The D.E.A.R Day, also known as Drop Everything and Read Day, was observed at MPS on 12th April during the morning assembly wherein the entire school read together for 15 minutes. As the name suggests, D.E.A.R Day is a celebration of reading and is designed to remind everyone to make reading a priority activity in their daily lives. It is celebrated every year on 12th April to commemorate the birthday of the eminent author Beverly Cleary as she was the first to create the concept of D.E.A.R in her book Ramona Quimby, at age 8. On this day, everyone is encouraged to take at least 15 -30 minutes to put aside all distractions, daily tasks, literally drop everything, and enjoy reading books

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Grade 12 field trip to West Sikkim

School | 09 March 2023

On the 9th of March, 2023, the students of the 12TH Grade were taken to visit the Rabdentse ruins located at Pelling, West Sikkim. The main purpose of the trip was to explore and connect with the local history, culture and tradition of Sikkim. The trip gave the students an opportunity to take a walk through one of the most difficult periods in Sikkim’s history. The students were keen to learn about their own history for a change since all they read is history of faraway places.

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Excursion: Grade VI - Adventure course at the Indian Himalayan Centre for Adventure and Eco-Tourism, Chemchey, South Sikkim

School | 06 May 2023

The students of Grade VI were taken for a 3 day excursion cum adventure course at the Indian Himalayan Centre for Adventure and Eco-Tourism, Chemchey, South Sikkim. They were accompanied by 4 teachers. The students participated in adventure activities such rock climbing, zip lining and rappelling with great zeal and enthusiasm. They had great fun while learning crucial life skills such as leadership and overcoming fears. Sawanam Chha Rai, Memang Rai, Chirag Rai, Sangya Sherpa and Bettyla Bhutia stood out with their performance and positive attitude.

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The Annual Book Fair

School | 04 April 2023

The Annual Book Fair was held at MPS on 4th April - 6th April. The two day affair was an event eagerly anticipated by our campus bibliophiles. The event was hosted by Woodpeacker Publisher, a Kolkata based publishing house. The first day of the book fair was for the Junior School, Grades 5 - 8 and the second day was for the Senior School, Grade 9 - 12. The book fair showcased a variety of books catering to different age groups and tastes. The genres expanded from Mangas, Young adult fiction, Biography, Classics and many more.

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Result of VolleyBall Competition, March 2023

School | 02 May 2023

The Inter-House Volleyball Competition 2023 took place from 20th April – 2nd May. After a well fought group campaign, Houses Hippogriff (Green) and Phoenix (Red) qualified for the Girls finals and Houses Phoenix (Red) and Centaur (Blue) qualified for the Boys Finals. Both the matches in the finals were also equally competitive. Eventually Hippogriff (Green) emerged victorious in the Girls category while Phoenix (Red) emerged victorious in the Boys category.

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Excursion: Grade V

School | 01 April 2023

Students of Grade V were taken for a two day and one night excursion to Gangtok. The itinerary included visit to the Himalayan Zoological Park, Tsuklakhang Palace - Chogyal’s Palace, Handicraft and Handloom Centre and Science Centre. The students spent the night at Camp Mantis. This itinerary was specifically chosen to cater to the experiential learning of the students. The students witnessed wildlife upclose at the Zoological Park and learnt about them. They also experienced local history by visiting the Chogyal’s Palace. They also learnt some outdoor life-skills by staying at Camp Mantis where they had to pitch their own tents. On the second day the students saw and learnt about the various processes involved in producing local art and craft. The excursion concluded with a visit to the Science Centre. It definitely opened and ignited scientific curiosity in the students mind.

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