City Campus




School Rules

 School uniform must be worn during weekdays and when students represent the school for functions.

 Tracksuits must be worn on Physical Education, Taekwondo and Activities days.

 On Saturdays children may wear casual clothing.

 All clothing items, shoes, slippers, water bottles and any other items children bring to school must be name tagged / labelled.

 The school will not be responsible for unlabeled items that go missing.

 Parents / Guardians are requested to complete the enclosed “Preference Form”.

 Students from Grade 3 and above only are eligible for music classes and will be selected on a “first in” basis.

 Returning students who are already taking music will be given preference.

 Music schedule and timings will be distributed after start of school session.

 Students must have their own music instrument and are responsible for bringing it to school and taking them back home to practice.

 Parents are advised not to purchase instruments until their child is confirmed for music lessons.

 Textbooks, exercise copies, stationery items will be provided by the school.

 Excursions within state and school events will be organized and paid for by the school.

 Regular attendance at school is important at all grade levels. At MPS we expect students to have a 100% attendance.

 Saturdays other than second Saturdays are half days when important activities such as weekly quizzes/tests and mandatory co-scholastic activities are conducted.

 Saturdays are to be treated as an important component of continuous assessment.

 Parents are requested to arrange medical checkups, family pujas during holidays.

 Doctor’s certificate is required for absences due to illness.

 Apart from absences due to illness, we do not encourage absenteeism for personal reasons.

 All parents are required to complete the Student Health Report Card.

 Parents should ensure that their wards have received the necessary vaccinations / inoculations, overall physical checkup including eyesight, hearing and dental checkups.

 The school celebrates each child’s birthday at the assembly.

  Parents may bring treats to celebrate their child’s birthday but must do so only for the class and not for the whole school.

 Birthdays will be celebrated in the dining room at recess time.

 The school does not allow the bringing of expensive toys, electronic gadgets to school.

 The school is not responsible for loss or damage of such toys or electronic gadgets.

 Students are not permitted to have cell phones in their possession.