Country Campus


Co-Curricular Activities

At MPS we look at extra-curricular activities as an essential part of school life. Our students must be given the opportunity to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities – from sport, music, drama to personal development and community service programs. The range of benefits that come from involvement in these programs can be enormous. Schools, universities, and employers look for students who have a range of skills, personal qualities and experience which will help them to be more productive wherever they are.

When developing our extra-curricular programs, MPS consciously has in mind that these activities must not only develop general academic skills, but must include time management, social skills, leadership, collaboration and team work, sportsmanship, commitment – getting to discover themselves and what they find they are good at.

Students are engaged in sports and physical activities, such as football, volleyball, basketball, Taekwondo, swimming, athletics, yoga and physical education. These games are scheduled throughout the week, usually after 3:pm. Other activities include clubs (drama, dance, photography, debating, literary, nature, science) and work education which take place every Saturday. Being in a village environment, the School has made it a point to reach out to the local community. Teachers are expected to have lesson plans so that classes are planned in advance with specific learning objectives. Music and Art are part of the school curriculum.

The School is divided into houses so inter-house competitions are quite frequent. We have also had very successful results in interschool competitions in various fields. Some students have even done well enough to be selected for national level games.