Country Campus


Director's Message

It was in February of 2010 when the first 67 students from Grades KG through V walked into Manjusri Public School, in the heart of Gangtok, that we started on a most exciting journey of learning and growing! A most “audacious”dream came to fruition with the strong support from our Founding Members and Teachers – many of them, now ten years down the road, are still with us today. In 2019 we are over 700 strong with an additional senior campus, from Grades V through XII in Temi, South Sikkim.

Our vision and mission, as perceived back in 2010, and the way we see our students, still remain steadfast. For me, it has been the most rewarding and inspiring part of my journey thus far. We have together laid a strong foundation, only possible because of a committed team of teachers, cooperative and supportive parents and local community, and an enthusiastic and daring student body!

I am proud of our matriculates who from year to year, from the primary level to seniorhood, have graduated as responsible and compassionate young adults, having learned the importance of fair play, hard work, warm friendship and, hopefully, well prepared to tackle the challenges that lay ahead as they continue their journey of life. It is worth mentioning that our students who have passed out from Grade X and XII are doing well, some exceptionally well.

Infrastructure, especially for sports, has come gradually, but despite this, our students have made us proud of their dedication and determination in being successful at being selected in competitions at the interschool, interstate and national levels in areas such as swimming, athletics, football, basketball, and volleyball. We will continue to encourage our students to engage in a variety of events, competitive and recreational sports, service learning, and outdoor activities.

We will work towards evolving and providing an outstanding, well balanced curriculum of theory and practice, one that develops learning, creating and understanding the culture of thinking, inquiry and reflection. Students will be inspired to engage in both academic and enriching programs, setting high standards for themselves, enjoying school, learning how to socialize and relate in a co-educational setting, picking up life skills as they will live and work beyond just mastering the academic disciplines.

Educating the child has always been more to me than just sharing knowledge and facts, or scoring the highest grades. Whether it is the teacher or the student, we need to make an impact on the social, emotional and ethical aspects of a person. As educators we need to be inspired ourselves, have a deep passion for the subject we teach, and a strong commitment to bring about positive change.

This has been the driving force of our Founding Members. Moral values, kindness and compassion are all part of learning and growing. “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. (Aristotle)

Wendy Pulger